Meal in a Glass

A fulling drink full of natural and raw ingredients jam packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep you full for four to five hours of the day. There are currently over 13 different Meal in a Glass Drinks.


Salad in a Glass

Want a great way to fulfill your recommended daily fruits and vegetables?
Try a salad in a glass which can satisfy from 5-13 servings of fruit and vegetables.


Freshly Squeezed Vegetable Juice

Our freshly squeezed juices have tons of vitamins and minerals that can help reduce the risk of multiple diseases.
Our juices can help aid in anything from headaches and migraines to cleansing the body.
There are currently over 30 freshly squeezed vegetable juices.


Fruit Smoothies

Need a refreshing blast?! Our fruit smoothies will give you a kick of flavor and energy.
Want an extra zest of flavor? Try our fruit smoothies with ginger.


Specialty Smoothies

In the mood for some Ice Cream? Our Specialty Smoothies are give you the best of both worlds.
Natural fruits and delicious Ice Cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry.


And More!



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